Why choose Faro certified training?

A fast and effective way for you to learn how to operate the equipment and software. As simple as the FARO Focus scanner is to run, training will help you avoid common mistakes by instructing the right approach for successful scanning. Through practice and exercises, you will build a strong fundamental foundation. Training repetition embeds the information increasing retention of the learned skills.

FARO certified training is hands-on, allowing you to practice learned skills immediately.

FARO certified training is accepted by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) for continuing education units.

Yes, you can learn how to scan on your own through self-instruction.  There is lots of information, manuals, videos etc… to study, but you don’t have time to read, watch and apply them all.  Why spend valuable time repeating common mistakes that were already learned by others through years of experience?

During training, you will get feedback about your projects from an experienced source, your FARO Certified Instructor.

Getting feedback and guidance on how to do it right the first time saves time in the startup process and ensures the likelihood of success.

The Basics

FARO Certified Training covers basics such as proper technical jargon, equipment nomenclature and much more to better prepare you for courtroom examination regarding your skills and the equipment/software functions.

Course curriculum 

Faro Certified Training provides following

Equipment safety

Safety education for yourself and the equipment. Safety tips, recommendations and discussions to help keep you and your equipment safe.


Basic skills in the proper setting, you virtually eliminate the time often wasted trying to remember simple setup procedures and protocols. This gets you scanning much faster making the completion of your project more efficient.

Course curriculum 

Benefits of becoming certified

  • Improved Performance through successfully completing assigned tasks and projects.
  • Consistency in performance is leaned through repetition following simplified structured workflows.
  • Achieve self-satisfaction and build self-confidence through successful completion of assigned projects.

Certification is important to your job. FARO offers Factory Certified Training from FARO Certified Instructors.

FARO training courses are recognized in the industry by professional accrediting bodies such as ACTAR, the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction.

The courts will also consider your certification as part of your qualifications to testify when you are offered as an expert in a trial.